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Home > Frequently Asked Questions > Thermometers > TMP100 > Why does my Infrared Thermometer keep showing "Lo"?
TMP100 > Why does my Infrared Thermometer keep showing "Lo"?
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Applies to the TMP100 / TMP100E (PC868) Infrared Thermometer


Please note that the “Lo” indicator on the thermometer does not indicate a low battery warning.  It indicates a low temperature reading. In “BODY” mode, the thermometer is set up to measure temperatures between 89.6°–109.4°F, so if you try to measure the temperature of something lower than that (such as the room or surface temperature) you will get the “Lo” warning. Try measuring the temperature of someone’s body from less than 2 inches away, or switch to “SURFACE” mode. Be sure to hold the thermometer steady until you hear the long beep.


NOTE: “Lo” does not mean low battery. If the battery is low, the low battery icon will blink.


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