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Good News! FLTR Black Masks are available again through your local Costco. Please check your local warehouse for available supply.  FLTR Kid's masks are also on the way!
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Have the FLTR95 masks been pulled from the U.S. market?
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FLTR has temporarily halted its production of N95 masks due to Costco demand.  Costco has been providing N95 masks to other vendors, and has sufficient inventory to cover their immediate needs.  If and when Costco determines the need for additional N95 masks, FLTR will work with them on flowing in more inventory.


Please note that FLTR continues to supply FLTR95 black face sealing masks, Black general use masks, and multi-colored kid's masks to Costco.  Supply Chain issues at the US ports are affecting availability but FLTR is working diligently to get the product delivered as quickly as possible:


We urge you to check regularly at your local Costco warehouse and check occasionally on for when stock is refilled.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this temporary outage.

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