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Are Infrared Thermometers Safe?
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FLTR’s infrared thermometers (Models TMP102 / PC868 and TMP101 / PC828) are deemed as safe and have been cleared by the FDA as Class II Medical devices. 


The FDA who regulates the sale of medical devices in the United States and defines an infrared thermometer as an electronic instrument intended for the intermittent measurement and monitoring of patient temperatures by means of detecting the intensity of thermal radiation emitted naturally by the skin of the forehead. 


Infrared thermometers do not send infrared light, wavelengths, or emit radiation back into any part of the human body, internal and external. Infrared Thermometers do not use lasers and therefore there is no risk to the user’s eyes when using the device. Therefore, infrared thermometers do not pose a risk of harm on humans. 


For further information and proper usage of the infrared thermometers, we have provided links to website and our Infrared Thermometer user manuals.


Non-contact Infrared Thermometers | FDA

User Manual Model TMP 101/100

User Manual Model TMP 102

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